Vision - Mission - Values

This Volunteer Program is a project of the Green Olive Collective, a joint Palestinian/Israeli organisation supported by many people around the world who are Members of the Collective.

The organisation is a Social Enterprise, designed to generate economic, cultural and political activity that cultivate humane and just societies.

As a Social Enterprise, the organization’s role in society is to provide information, services and products that help heal and repair the rifts that cause oppression and dysfunction between people, and between human activity and the planet that hosts us. This includes educational, creative, and pro-active projects that both illuminate the issues, and provide tools for progressive change.

The Green Olive Volunteer Program reflects these values, and enables individuals, couples, and families to experience different aspects of life in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Special volunteer programs are also arranged for pre-organised groups, and around different seasonal activities such as the olive harvest.

Ongoing volunteer opportunities have been arranged with many partner organisations involved in Social and Economic Development, Children & Youth Development, Agriculture, and Human Rights.

By volunteering for periods ranging from 1-3 months, you'll become part of a community, build new relationships, and return home with the knowledge that you made a difference to peoples' lives. You'll also learn about the conditions on the ground and be able to speak knowledgeably about your experiences to your friends, family and colleagues.

Volunteering in Palestine and Israel can be a life changing experience.