General Information

All programs include:
• Pickup in Jerusalem
• 3-day orientation - 3 nights in Jerusalem guest house/hostel*
• Breakfast during orientation period
• Transport to the host organisation
• Professional on-the-ground support
• Direct donation to your host organisation

Most Programs include accommodations in the basic fee. Some do not. Check the details on the Program Page of your choice.

All Programs NO NOT include
• Pickup and dropoff at the airport
• Lunches or dinners during the Orientation period
• Food after the Orientation period
• Private rooms in the Basic Fee
• Airfare
• Health insurance
• Accommodations before or after the designated period of your volunteer work.

Anticipated Additional expenses (apart from your Program Fee)
• Most of the basic program fees include basic accommodation but some do not. Check the fee schedule on each Program Page.
• Approximately $100/week for food
• Transportation from the airport.
• Weekend excursions, trips to the beach, occasional restaurant dinners, souvenir shopping etc.

OPTIONAL Additional expenses
Enhanced Housing and Meals Options. Most programs include basic accommodation in the Program Fee. If accommodation is included in the basic Program Fee, it is usually a room shared with other volunteers. Some of the programs also offer a private room, and some offer home-hosting with local families - meals included. Check the fee schedule at the bottom of the Program Page of your choice.

• Health insurance is mandatory. You can contact any insurer of your choice, or contact our insurance partner at this link

Program fees are per person in U.S. dollars. Special fees are available for groups. Contact us with details about your group.

Payments: All programs require a $100 deposit per person. This will be applied to the program fee, and will be refunded $50 in the event your application is not accepted. After acceptance in the program, You will be billed for an additional $500. The balance of your program fee will be billed to you, and is due no later than 30 days before your scheduled arrival.

• In most programs the basic fee includes shared room accommodations with separate rooms for men and women.
• Home-stays and private rooms will cost an additional fee - see the bottom of the Program Page of your choice.

Meals: Breakfast is included during the orientation days. Otherwise no meals are included in teh Basic Program Fees. If you stay in a shared room during your time with the host organisation then you will be expected to prepare your own meals. In Palestinian areas food costs are very low and $100/week is adequate for a food budget, especially when preparing meals with other volunteers. However in Israel, especially in urban areas food costs are higher. From time to time, as you befriend local people you may be invited to take meals with families.

Program Leaders: The Green Olive Volunteers Manager will supervise your program. He/she will visit periodically during your volunteer tenure, and will be available by phone at all times if there is a need. The host organisation will also have a staffer assigned to your program.

Flights & Arrival: You are responsible to book your own flights and make your own way to the meeting location in Jerusalem. You may opt to arrive early and stay in a hotel for a few days. Please try and stay at a hotel near the Old City of Jerusalem. Please provide us with timely information regarding where you are staying. You can also book additional days in the guest house where your Orientation will start.

What to bring? - In general as little as possible. One suitcase or backpack, plus hand baggage (a small day-pack is best). Summer can be very hot. Winter can bring a lot of rain and can be cold. Spring and Autumn are mild with a little rain. Modest clothing is essential for both men and women since many of you will be working in conservative communities.
- 2 or 3 Pants and trousers, for men and women
- 1 or 2 Mid-length or long skirts, for women
- 4 or 5 shirts or tops, sleeves to the elbow, buttoned near the neck
- 5 pairs underwear and socks
- 1 or 2 light sweaters or jumpers (Spring and Autumn)
- 1 heavy sweater or jumper (winter)
- 1 light waterproof and windproof jacket (Spring and Autumn)
- 1 heavy waterproof and windproof jacket (winter)
- Sturdy walking shoes
- Sandals
- Laptop (all communities have wireless internet) or pad
- Small first aid kit
- Sunscreen & insect repellant
- Appropriate materials to assist with your volunteer work.
- Small gifts representative of your home country.

- Shorts, tank tops
- Skirts or dresses above the knee
- Revealing shirts or tops
- Alcohol in Muslim locations
- Drugs (except prescription or store bought aspirin etc)

* Two-week program participants receive two nights and one tour in Jerusalem