Why Volunteer?

If you've reached this part of our website, you are probably seriously considering volunteering.  Here are some thoughts we want to share with you at this juncture.

The conflict that exists in Israel/Palestine is one of the most reported on in the world.  The possibility then, of disinformation in the news media, also exists.  There is absolutely no better way for you to understand the dynamics here, than to come and stay for awhile.  Live, eat and work with the people on the ground.  Hear their stories, their pain and their joys.  This experience will take you far beyond any news report, briefing, or internet report.   It will take you into the heart of the situation.

Being on the ground, coupled with helping in a tangible, meaningful way, is an amazing combination.

The organizations we have partnered with have been chosen specifically to ensure that our volunteers will have authentic, unique opportunities.  These organizations cover a broad spectrum of life for Palestinians, Israeli Jews and Bedouins, uniquely positioning you to enter these worlds and make a meaningful contribution in off the beaten track places you would never see from a tour bus.  Entering their rhythms of family life, village life and community life will  position you to understand the scope of the situation here once you are back in your home.

As with any volunteering, as you give, you receive. To give from the heart, and help people and places less fortunate than ourselves, helps our perspectives and brings gratitude into our lives for the benefits we have.

Palestinians and Israelis are very willing to invite others into their worlds.  They are eager to learn new things, new ways.  In an area with so much conflict, people coming to give, is a much appreciated commodity.  In the end, you will receive much more than you are giving.   In other words, by using your strengths to help others, you discover strengths you didn’t know you had.

We encourage you to take the plunge, and sign up for the adventure of a lifetime!