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Location of Project: Central Tel Aviv
Duration: 2-12 weeks
Accommodation: Shared rooms/dorms or private room or apartment
Food: Self catering
Preferred Skills:
  • Good spoken English
  • Writing skills
  • Journalist experience
  • Art teacher
  • Youth leadership skills
  • Website development
  • Graphic Design
Fees: from $910 -  more details

Detailed Description
Windows operates out of offices in the Florentin neighborhood, the heart of Tel Aviv, with easy access to all parts of the city via public transport. The port of Jaffa, the beach, or the boardwalk is a few minutes by taxi, 10 minutes by bus, or a 25-minute walk.
This is an ideal project for those of you wanting to work in a mixed, Jewish/Arab organisation, but also have ready access to the cosmopolitan center of the country.

Tel Aviv/Jaffa is a city of about half a million people, more if you include the contiguous suburbs which surround the city. This is a Mediterranean and cosmopolitan city with a generally liberal social environment, a vibrant night life and diverse population.

Less that 100 years old, the city is mostly Jewish with the Arab population clustered in Jaffa, the world's oldest port city, and today a neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Until to the twentieth century Jaffa was home to a majority Muslim population along with a plethora of other religions and nationalities. In 1948 most of the Arab population was either expelled or fled the war-torn city and never allowed back.
About the Project
Windows is a non-profit, joint organization of Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinians from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Established in 1991, Windows promotes acquaintance, the cultivation of shared values and goals, as well as empowerment of the youth with whom we work to work on behalf of these goals, through educational and cultural programs, media and art.

Windows’ flagship project is the production and distribution of a Hebrew-Arabic Youth Magazine. Our magazine, which is written for youth and by youth, is the primary physical product of our Young Journalist Program. The magazine is written and designed by the Youth Editorial Board, a group of Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel and Palestinians from the Occupied Territories who go through a long-term intensive process of acquaintance, dialogue, and empowerment.

The magazine reflects the courageous and complex journey that the youth go through as they deal with diverse topics such as human rights, life in mixed cities, tough historical events such as 1948 and 1967, and more. Since publishing the first issue in January 1995, Windows has printed 32 issues of the magazine. Current distribution ranges from approximately 5,000  copies per issue, depending on funding, the topic of the magazine and the socio-political situation.
Volunteer Work
Available work at Windows falls into two main categories, Program Activities and Organisational Activities.
Program activities are primarily working within the Youth Journalists project. This can include coaching young people in best practices for journalists, helping develop and managing youth workshops in writing, photography, or graphic design. You'll also have opportunities to go into the field. There are often joint meetings between the Israeli youth and their counterparts in Nablus and Jenin in the West Bank.

There's always plenty of organisational work at Windows. If you can write well, or have developed websites and know how to update and manage a website, then you will be most welcome.

Living Arrangements & Community Life
Windows does not provide in-house accommodations. During periods when the organisation has many volunteers and interns, there is often a room or shared room available in an apartment with other volunteers. However this is not always available.

Other options include a bed in a shared dorm at a local hostel, or a private room in a guest house or private home, or a rental apartment. Obviously the costs for these will vary widely and you choices will depend on your budget and personal preferences. When making the application, please indicate your preference for housing and our staff will do their best to accommodate you. You also have the choice of securing your own housing in Tel Aviv through AirBnB or other service.
Minimum Requirements
  • Minimum age 17
  • Motivation to work with youth
  • Travel and Medical insurance
  • Good spoken English

Option One Includes:
• Program Fee
• Self catering
• No housing (you find your own housing)
2 weeks
4 weeks
6 weeks
8 weeks
10 weeks
12 weeks

Option Two Includes:
• Program Fee
• Self catering in Tel Aviv or Home-stay in Nablus
• Final fee depends on the housing option available, and your choice.
Additional fee per week
$200 - $800

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