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Betelnoor Society - Beit Jala (Bethlehem)

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Location of Project: Beit Jala, Bethlehem, Southern West Bank
Duration: 4-12 weeks
Accommodation: homestay
Food: H/B in homestay
Preferred Skills:
  • Ability to teach spoken English
  • Spoken Arabic an advantage
  • Skilled, licensed eye care and
    dental professionals
Fees: from $2,990-  more pricing details

Detailed Description
Beit Jala is an mostly Christian suburb of Bethlehem, just south of Jerusalem, with it's own unique identity and village council which dates back to the 16th century. Today there are about 12,000 residents, three-quarters of them Christian and about one-quarter Muslim. The village is within Area 'A', managed by the Palestinian Authority but surrounded by Israeli controlled territory.

There is convenient access to Bethlehem or Jerusalem via public transport or taxi. It is possible to walk from Beit Jala to Nativity Square in the Center of Bethlehem in about 30 minutes. However Jerusalem is generally only accessible via bus or taxi. These two cities are separated by Israel's Separation Barrier but for foreigners the checkpoints are a minor inconvenience.

About the Project
Betelnoor Society is a charitable local nonprofit organization which was established in 1974 and was able over the years to provide free medical and therapeutic services for eye Diseases, in addition to enhancing awareness of eye care, especially for children ages 3-18 years old.

More recently the Clinic is offering dental services to the same population.

It is the first local institution of its kind in the sense that it provides complete free treatment to all social cases of the Bethlehem district, besides implementing an outreach preventive program aiming at the early detection and treatment of visual impairment and ocular infections for children of the above mentioned age category.

The Society is managed by an administrative board consisting of (9) members who are elected by a general assembly (45) members that meet each two years under normal circumstances. It has the recognition from the Palestinian Ministry of Social Work since 1997 and received the recognition from the Palestinian Interior Ministry and Health Ministry in the year 2008 as well.

We have about (174) registered Schools in Bethlehem-Governorate, 125 are governmental, seven are UNRWA and (9) Private Schools, there are about (55) thousand pupils in the District.  In this District there are (10) so called Cities and about (24) Villages around the Holy City of Bethlehem.  From the therapeutic aspect and the early detection of the eye diseases, the Society executes the following programs with the following steps:-

1) Field visits (Outreach Program) for governmental, private and UNRWA refugees’ relief agency schools in the Bethlehem district. A preliminary free eye examination for all children is performed, in coordination with the Palestinian Health Ministry and the Palestinian Ministry of Education.Recently we started three new projects:-
a) Eye tests for Kindergarten in the district, over (90) are registered at the Palestinian Ministry of Education.
b) Eye tests for Slow Lerner in the district, over (800) are registered at the Ministry of Education and Schools, 7 Special Schools for Slow Lerner in our District.
c) Dental screening for all in the above mentioned Schools.
d) We are thinking about implementing an Auditory Screening for all Pupils in the above mentioned Schools.

2) Medical clinics to organize meetings for the reviewers through a working program supervised by an authorized ophthalmologist, legal optometrist and legal nurse.

3) Provision of medical eyeglasses and contact lenses, where the Society gives at cost price and in accordance to the economic situation of the patient. The eyeglasses are produced locally at Betelnoor Society workshop.

4) The cure through laser-use is especially applied on diabetics in which the specialized doctor decides whether the patient needs it or not, since the association has the needed device for this kind of illness and its treatment.

5) The Society concentrates on spreading health awareness concerning the illness of the eye through holding educational days in addition to training mothers, teachers and workers, who are in direct contact with children and youth on early detection, especially during the summer months.

Volunteer Work
1) Volunteers accompany our Out Reach Team to Schools of the District (174 Schools), helping out our employees in examining students at schools, dental as well as eye exams
Field work in a Bethlehem school

2) Volunteers accompany our Ophthalmologist in checking patients at our clinics, or helping in the minor operations.

3) Volunteers accompany our Dentist in conducting dental exams for  students at Schools.

4) Volunteers accompany our Optometrist in checking Patients at our clinic, if anyone needs medical glass, cutting Lenses at our Labor or anything like a document for driving license, or even an eye minor operation, which shall be performed by our ophthalmologists.

Living Arrangements & Community Life
Your accommodations will be in a family home in the community with breakfast and dinner provided, and your own private room and bathroom.
Typical room
You will also become part of a larger community through your work at the clinic in addition to your host family, their friends and extended families. Before long, you’ll make new friends and will be invited for meals and visits.

Although Beit Jala and Bethlehem are mixeded city, together they are majority Muslim and modest clothing is needed in order to be accepted.  That doesn't mean you can't be stylish, just to make sure that your clothing covers over the shoulders, up to the neck, and below the knees.  No shorts for men or women.

Alcohol should not be brought into your host family’s home unless you become aware that the family consumes alcohol. If not, there are pubs, restaurants and hotels in Beit Jala and the center of Bethlehem where where you can go for a beer or a glass of wine.

Minimum Requirements
  • Licensed eye care professional*
  • Licensed Dental professional*
  • Travel and Medical insurance
  • Good spoken English
* You will be required to send a copy of your professional credentials for approval by the Palestinian Ministry of Health. This is routine and fairly efficiently done. Allow at least 30 days for approval.

• Program Fee
• Homestay private room
• Breakfast & dinner
4 weeks
6 weeks
8 weeks
10 weeks
12 weeks

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